Ogre Workshop Rescheduled for March 11

Identify the Ogre and Save the Babies

United Way of Val Verde County is honored to offer a workshop to do just that – Identify our Community’s Assets and Build Strategic Partnerships.  Mary Beth Harrington, of 501c3 Taking Nonprofits to the Third Power, will facilitate a dynamic workshop to identify assets, consider problems, brainstorm solutions, and develop partnerships to create community impact so we can make Great Things Happen When We Live United.

All 501(c)(3) non-profit Board and Staff/Volunteer members are invited to attend March 11 in the Ramada Inn Ballroom I at 8:00 for a Power Breakfast and Workshop from 8:30-11:30.  Registration is just $15.00 (includes breakfast).  However, an organization can earn a complete refund at the door if both a board member and a staff/volunteer member attend (refund good for just two per organization).  Questions? Call me, Willie Braudaway, at 830-734-2701 or email admin@uwvalverde.org.

As Chief Professional Officer, I and the United Way of Val Verde County Board of Directors are committed to making sure your United Way donations do the most good for the community.  My version of “The Ogre Story” demonstrates United Way’s “Great Things Happen When We Live United” vision:

You are walking down San Felipe Creek early one morning and see a baby floating down the creek.  Horrified, you jump into the water to rescue the baby. All is well.

You look back and see another baby floating down the creek. Again, you dive into the water and rescue this baby as well.

Then, you realize there are dozens of babies floating down the creek. Now, you call out an alarm, and the whole community comes running to rescue as many babies as they can before the water carries them away.

But the babies keep on coming . . . because no one is going upstream to put a stop to the Ogre that is throwing the babies into the creek in the first place.

United Way of Val Verde County wants to go upstream to discover who this Ogre is and stop him.  Otherwise, we will be pulling babies out of the water forever.

My hope is that the community will be galvanized to use its United Way contributions to take on a particular Ogre and save the babies.