Giving for Maximum Impact

There are over 1.5 million non-profit organizations registered in the country – some right here in Val Verde County.  All of them require time and talents from volunteers and paid staff to provide vital services to others (including us).  All of them also need money – mostly through individual donors, foundations, and/or grants.
How do you decide who to give your time, talents, and treasure to?  What criteria do you use when you choose to say “Yes” to one worthy cause while skipping another?  What are you looking for?  A survey of donors who give $1 million or more had a one word response – IMPACT.  They want their time, talents, and treasure to make a difference.  How that impact is defined is as variable as the goals of those 1.5 million non-profit organizations.
United Way focuses on making an impact in the building blocks to success and stability – Education – Income – Health.  Matching the Del Rio-Val Verde County United Way agencies to those building blocks provides the following picture of impact:
• Reading is the key that opens the future – Friends of the Val Verde County Library; Reach Out & Read
• Celebrating our rich cultural heritage – Casa de la Cultura; Del Rio Council for the Arts
• Building the leaders of tomorrow – Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
• Reinforcing skills for life – Boys & Girls Club; LAFB Child Development Center and LAFB Youth Center

• Providing help in times of intense need – American Red Cross; Bethel Center; CHIC’s HOPE Community Resource Coordinating Group
• Establishing financial stability for the future – Clinica de la San Jose; Val Verde Training Center

• Taking care of public health issues – CHIC’s Val Verde-Kinney Cancer Task Force; Friends of Del Rio Animals
• Keeping kids safe – Safe Kids Val Verde; Val Verde County Child Welfare Board
Each of these local organizations – and so many more not listed – is making a positive impact on conditions for you and your neighbors.  Be sure you are maximizing your impact with whoever you choose to share your time, talents, and/or treasure.